Ontario's 3rd Stay-at-Home Order

We remain operational at this time.  

With increased caution, our clinicians continue to provide care to our patients with mindfulness of every potential for the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  We want to help our community to continue to stay active and safe during this time.  

LabMotus is the Health and Performance Clinic


Helping You Become Unordinary.



Our proactive strategical approach focuses on the essential qualities of health and performance needed to help you generate superior health outcomes and improved performance.

Comprehensive Assessment
Comprehensive Assessment

Mental Well-being
Mental Well-being

Daily Movement
Daily Movement

Comprehensive Assessment
Comprehensive Assessment


We create customized programs and solutions to help you meet your health and performance potential — no matter how you define it.

Pain Management
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Cardiovascular Performance and Prevention Program

Help you learn the skills to live and thrive with your cardiovascular condition.

Exercise and Physical Therapy

Improve the quality of life and performance by effectively restoring function.

Tennis Health Assessment

Make sure you are ready for the best tennis season of your life.  This tennis season, have a kinesiologist assess the health of those joints most affected when you play tennis.  

Physical Therapist
Barbell and Kettlebell Weights

Pain Management

Provide a comprehensive pain assessment and multi-modal treatment plan to help manage pain and optimize the quality of life.

Sport Performance Training and Nutrition

Push yourself to new levels with virtual and in-person coaching, mobile tools, and expert guidance.

Weight Management

Provide you with a high-level of one-on-one support to help you build life-changing skills so you can achieve and maintain your best weight.