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WHAT WE DO: Welcome


We use an iterative approach toward movement science to learn and refine health and performance.

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We don’t just work with you. We seek to understand the needs and aspirations of every individual and organization we work with. A personal approach leads to unordinary outcomes.

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No matter what you want to achieve day after day, you need a plan that’s specifically tailored to you.



We implement solutions based on time-tested fundamentals and research to generate results that last.

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We don’t wait for results to happen. We’re constantly testing, retesting and adjusting our solutions to produce measurable results that you can see and feel.

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WHAT WE DO: Services


The LabMotus team provides services rooted in understanding how the body functions and moves. Our professional clinicians address physiological and biomechanical factors impacting movement to improve how you perform physical activity and move daily.

Our experts are highly trained in exercise therapy, weight management, senior fitness, pain management, and more. We work with you to help you achieve your goals by listening to your unique issues and goals. From there, we can help you work toward where you want to be while receiving the best quality of care.

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  • How is LabMotus Different From Other Clinics?
    LabMotus aims to go above and beyond the traditional reactionary healthcare model. We don't just help you prevent injuries and pain but guide you toward your highest state of health, wellness, and performance through our "movement intelligence" approach. We take great care to understand your needs and goals. From there, we create a customized program and solution to help you achieve them. At LabMotus, our wish is to help you grow and accomplish your fitness and health ambitions. Together, we will help you get to where you want to be.
  • What Services Does LabMotus Offer?
    LabMotus helps you unlock your full potential by providing a variety of health and fitness services including chronic disease management and injury prevention, kinesiology, small group fitness, strength and conditioning programs, preventative health assessments, and cardio-metabolic analysis. Begin managing your health and fitness the right way with a customized approach specific to you and your needs. We can upgrade your genetic function, enhance your performance, improve body composition, and improve your overall health. No matter what your goals are, the experienced LabMotus team is ready to help you reach them.
  • What is a Cardio-Metabolic Analysis?
    A cardio-metabolic analysis examines your cardiovascular functioning through testing, such as the use of the VO2max test. This also explores your metabolic function, which involves resting metabolic rate testing, and can help you uncover your caloric and nutritional needs. This comprehensive assessment can help you determine where you are at now versus where you want to be. It can also assist in setting realistic targets that you can actually work toward and achieve. The LabMotus team can help you create a detailed plan, guiding you toward your peak functioning and optimal performance.
  • How Do I Know LabMotus is Right for Me?
    From diabetics and seniors to athletes and the 'average' person, LabMotus caters to a variety of clientele. Each program is tailor-made for your goals or needs. We've helped individuals overcome biomechanical issues, move past injuries, enhance their sporting or athletic performance, lose weight, prevent injuries, manage their pain, and simply achieve a higher level of health and fitness. Even if you simply want to check in with your body and movement function, we can help! At LabMotus, we believe a personalized approach leads to extraordinary outcomes.
  • What if I'm Not Seeing the Results I Want?
    At LabMotus, we constantly measure and refine so that you get the results you desire. We don't simply wait for results to happen. Instead, we monitor, evaluate, and adjust our programs as we go to achieve maximum results. For each client, we test, re-test, and amend our solutions to produce measurable results that you can see and feel. Our team is dedicated to helping you get there. Rest assured that we use proven science-based and technologically driven approaches to ensure you receive only the highest quality of care possible. Get started today!
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